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What is Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer is a registry tweak shareware for Windows developed by ChemTable Software. Reg Organizer offers a full-featured application designed to edit, clean and maintain registry, fix errors in the system, and improve computer performance. The deep registry search feature lets users find all registry keys related to a particular application. It also helps users to edit registry files (.reg) and view their content directly from Windows Explorer. It also comes with a built-in application uninstaller, allowing users to uninstall redundant applications within the program.

Reg Organizer keygen

Reg Organizer is a feature-packed program that provides integrated services for Microsoft Windows XP 10. The software speeds up and optimizes your operating system, freeing up additional system resources.

Features of Reg Organizer Crack

Using Reg Organizer to uninstall programs and remove their traces will help remove unwanted applications and their traces, thereby preventing littering up the registry and computer disks. This is very useful because not all programs delete their leftover and configuration files in the system registry after removal. This feature is powered by the Full Uninstall™ technology, developed by our experts.

Advanced Startup Manager will help you control applications that automatically run whenever your operating system is started. This
would enable you to free up valuable resources for other purposes and in some cases speed up the boot time and operation of your Windows operating system.

With the automatic cleanup feature, you can delete a large amount of unnecessary information and free up space on the system disk. It can also enable you to remove unwanted updates, old Windows versions, and much more.

Ability to change many undocumented Windows settings (tweaks). In particular, it can accelerate the work of your system by sending the system a command to increase cache memory size or by unloading unused libraries, etc.

Advanced Registry Editor in Reg Organizer allows you to perform various operations with the system registry – you’ll be able to export, import, copy key values, and do much more. The Registry Editor has many more features than the Registry Editor found in Windows.

Search & Replace in the registry allows you to find the keys related to the application in question and delete them if necessary. This is useful, for example, in the case where an application does not have an uninstall tool and after it has been “manually” deleted, unwanted files remain in the registry, which can affect other applications. At the same time, Reg Organizer makes a deeper search and often allows you to find even those keys associated with this application that can’t be found by other similar programs.

Defragmenting and compressing the registry: Increase the performance of the registry and consequently the overall performance of your system.

The registry file editor is designed to edit keys and parameters and to add and delete the content.reg files. It is a very useful tool for transferring program settings from one computer to another. Unlike Windows Registry Editor (Regedit), this registry file editor can create modular reg files containing various branches of registry keys.

Viewing registry files (*.reg) before importing their contents will enable you to examine the data before importing. When you view a reg file that you want to import, its contents are displayed as a tree in Reg Organizer. This allows you to visualize all the keys that will be imported into the registry.

Tracking registry keys will help monitor the actions of any program and see all changes made to the registry in detail.

Reg Organizer Version History

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.55

  • Reworked the ability to go back to the previous program’s tool by the Back button.
  • The minimal size for which by default the application is considered large has been increased to 200 Mb.
  • The applications installing with tracing function improvements.
  • Visual interface changes (the search field and menu button icons in some tools).
  • The access violation error message could occur on the Express Check screen.
  • Some elements’ colors haven’t corresponded to the scheme when using the Classic Windows 7 theme.

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.57

  • Bug fixed: The icons do not display for some programs in the Applications tool’s list.
  • Portable version’s updater changes.

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.60

  • Smart disabling support. A startup item disabled this way does not disappear from the system, but only stops starting automatically (available under Windows 10 and 8.1).
  • Ability to uninstall the program that the startup item belongs to. This applies only to items associated with the programs registered in the corresponding registry keys.
  • For the startup items associated with the registered applications, the context menu command is now available allowing you to view the application to which this startup item belongs to.
  • Now the startup item can be deleted either in the usual way or with the protection from its reappearance in the system. To delete the item the second way, the corresponding command is added to the item’s context menu.
  • Support for the Windows 10 and 8.1 services running in protected launch mode. Such services cannot be modified, which is now reflected in the user interface.
  • For some types of startup items such as Task Scheduler entries, these new context menu commands have been added: “Prevent Changing the Delay Time” (for the delayed items) and “Prevent Re-Enabling” (for the disabled ones).
  • Usability improvements.

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.75

  • Tested for the Windows 11 preview version compatibility.
  • The ability to remove the blocked registry keys was added..
  • User interface improvements: The window’s available space for the data output has been increased.
  • An ability to choose any of the program’s unofficial translations has been added to Settings.
  • Bug fixed: The option Obsolete Tools -> Enable the Classic Registry Cleanup tool has been removed from the settings.

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.76

  • Getting the application’s traces before uninstalling as well as determining the sizes of the installed applications has been accelerated.
  • The applications installing with tracing function bugs fixed.
  • Registry Editor: A new “Paste and Go” command has been added to the registry path field’s context menu.

What’s New in Soft Organizer 9.16

  • The new function “Removal tools from the developers”. The developers of some applications are providing a special utility for the complete removal of the applications from the system. This function allows you to download such a utility, if one is available for the application, and produce complete removal of the application with it.
  • The applications installing with tracing function algorithm has been improved
  • In the removed applications traces window the context menu command for opening the registry key does not work.
  • Enabling the “Windows context menu commands” option sometimes leaded to the restart of the Explorer process (explorer.exe).

How to Active Reg Organizer Premium Version With Crack

  1. Download Reg Organizer Crack
  2. Disconnect from the internet
  3. Extract and install the program
  4. Do not launch the program yet, exit if running
  5. Copy Cracked files from Crack to installation dir#
  6. #Directory/ folder where the program is installed
  7. Launch the program and then register in offline
  8. Never let the program to apply any updates (block)

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