Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager 1.4.1 Crack Offline Installer With Keygen Download

Yamicsoft Windows 11

With over forty different utilities to optimize, tweak, clean up, speed up, and repair your Windows 10, Yamisoft Windows 11 Manager Crack is an all-in-one tool for Microsoft Windows 10 specifically. It can meet all of your expectations and help you make your system perform faster, eliminate system faults, increase stability and security, and personalize your copy of Windows 11.

Yamisoft Windows 11 Manager Crack

With the help of Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Serial Keys, you can easily tweak your system, speed up system startup and booting, fix incorrect Registry entries, protect your privacy by removing tracks, optimize system services, have your system cleaned automatically, and intelligently turn off some unnecessary system tasks and services. It also comes with a strong uninstaller that will assist you in getting rid of any undesirable software from your computer.

Review on Windows 11 Manager key

Windows 11 Manager Kegen Features:

One-click boot cleaning and configuration
Editor for system customisation and context menus
Duplicate desktop cleaner and file finder
Software, drives, and disk analysis
File splitter and undelete for folders and files
IP switcher, host editor, and launcher
A trash file cleaner and Microsoft Edge Manager
Optimization wizard and ping manager
Process coordinator and privacy protector
Registry cleaning, defragmenter, tools, and services
Administrator of services and shortcut creator
Control of the startup and a clever uninstaller
Network and System Data
System security, performance, and task scheduler
Numerous benefits, including adaptability and ease of use.


Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Serial Number Manually establishes a system restore point; obtains comprehensive hardware and system information, assists in locating the Microsoft product key for programs like Microsoft Office and Windows; displays and controls all active threads and processes; Repair Center assists in identifying and resolving a range of system issues; with simply one click, your system is Cleaned; The Optimization Wizard is helpful for users with no experience with computers.


Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Patch Tweaks your system to improve performance and increase speed; Manages and configures the Windows boot menu to your preference; Startup Manager controls all the started programs with Windows start, checks and repairs the advanced startup items to restore the malicious change by viruses; Manages and optimizes system services and drivers to improve performance; Manages and optimizes the scheduled tasks to speed up your system.


All programs, files, and folders can have their disk space utilization analyzed and seen by Disk Analyzer, which can also display the programs that take up the most space on your disk in a chart. safely clears the WinSxS folder to minimize the size of the component store; Programs can be completely removed from your computer with Smart Uninstaller, leaving no behind files or Registry entries; aids in the safe removal of Windows applications from your machine; Desktop Cleaner has the ability to examine and relocate unnecessary desktop files, folders, and shortcuts to designated folders; finds and removes unnecessary files to increase speed and conserve disk space; finds duplicate files and removes them to conserve disk space; Registry Cleaner looks through the Registry to identify and remove any invalid items. Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexes your registry in order to get rid of errors and corruption in the registry, enhance application responsiveness, and decrease registry access times.


Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Serial Number Adjusts the File Explorer, Desktop, Start, Taskbar, and Notification area to your preferred configuration; adds system components, files, and folders to the desktop and this computer; pinning the directories or files to the Start, Taskbar, or Desktop; generates the Taskbar’s rapid startup items for the jumplist; controls what happens when you right-click a file, folder, etc. modifies the Win + X shortcut’s shortcut menu when you right-click the Start button; alters the appearance of your system; modifies and adds the shortcuts that the Run dialog box executes; modifies the Microsoft Modern UI and Windows Apps settings.


Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Offline Installer Tweaks system, components, UAC, Sign in settings, adjust various settings and restricts access to drives and programs to improve system security; Safeguard your sensitive files and folders security, encrypt files, move system folders to safe locations; Privacy Protector ensures privacy and keeps sensitive information secure by eliminating tracks; File Undelete recovers and restores deleted or formatted files on logical disks; Locks some system features to improve security.


improves and changes the network and internet settings; adjusts the Microsoft Edge browser’s settings; It is easy to switch between multiple network setups with an IP switcher; alters the Hosts file in order to speed up system web surfing; Wi-Fi Manager allows you to view and manage all of your wireless networks.

Misc. Utilities

Creates the monitorings that prompt tasks or the planned tasks; displays and launches the helpful toolkit that comes with Windows; divides a file into multiple smaller files or combines the original file back together; Super Copy is an effective program for automatically copying files or backing up data; Utilizing the Registry Tools, you may effortlessly operate your registry.

New in Yamicsoft Windows Manager 3.1.5

  • Fix the bug that IE history did not work.
  • Add disk benchmark in System Information.

What’s New in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.6

  • Add some functions.
  • Add the search function for the tree list.
  • Fix the bugs in Bing Images.

New in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.1.8

  • Add the function that chang Windows Font in Visual Customizer.
  • Add the Screen Snip in Context Menu Manager and Windows Utilities.
  • Perfect some functions and tweaks.
  • Only download English and your current language update files in Live Update by default.

What’s New in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.2

  • Add Settings Security.
  • Perfect the Privacy Protector.
  • Add the option that adjusts the aspect ratio of a resizable window at startup.

What’s New in Windows Manager 3.2.9

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix some bugs.

Whats’s New in Windows 10 Manager v3.3.1

  • Fix the bugs and Perfect some functions.
  • Add the IP Scanner in Network Tools.
  • Perfect the UI icons.

What’s New in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.4

  • Perfect the tweak “Disable executing Registry file”
  • Add the Port Scan in Network Tools.
  • Perfect some features.
  • Fix some bugs.

What’s New in Yamicsoft Windows Manager 3.5.3

  • Fix the bugs for Hardware Monitor and File Security.
  • Fix the typo for My Task.
  • Perfect some functions.

What’s New in Yamicsoft Windows Manager 1.4.1 ?


Windows 11 Manager Key


Full Version

How to Crack Yamicsoft Windows 11 ?

  1. Download Yamicsoft Windows 11 Offline Installer
  2. Disconnect from the internet
  3. Unpack and install the program
  4. Don’t run the program yet, then exit if running
  5. Copy Cracked file from Crack to installation dir#
  6. #Directory/folder where the program is installed
  7. Launch the program and register key in offline
  8. #You can Patch and create new keys with Keygen
  9. Or just extract and launch the portable version
  10. Never let to updates and block by a firewall!


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