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What is CCleaner Pro

CCleaner, developed by Piriform, a company acquired by Avast in 2017, is a computer utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer, originally supporting Microsoft Windows only. performing periodic scans and cleaning can keep your PC in good shape. One of the applications which can aid in this situation is CCleaner, equipped with all the tools needed to scrub every bit of your computer.

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CCleaner Pro is an easy-to-use and the most efficient system cleaner software, it’s important to protect your digital privacy and security. CCleaner Full is an advanced system tweak, optimization, and cleaning tool which will help you to remove unused files and internet history from your system, fix system registry errors, protect your privacy and keep your PC run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. The program limits the ways a malicious party oversees the work habits you or attack your system. By removing permanent history (internet browser history), cookies, and temporary files created during the work process, as well as unused space on the disk.

What is CCleaner and how does it work?

CCleaner is, in simplest terms, a disk cleanup tool. Its cleaner will delete temporary files, and it also includes tools for uninstalling programs, finding out what files are taking up the most space on your machine, and finding duplicate files. All these serve the same purpose: freeing up hard drive space.

what is a Portable setup?

A portable install means you can copy the folder, where the program is installed, to a storage device (like a USB flash drive or HDD), and then you can run the program on another computer without having to run an installer.

What is CCleaner Portable?

CCleaner Portable is the portable version of CCleaner, an easy-to-use, safe, well-known drive cleaner with other additional features including a conservative registry cleaner, startup manager, and more. Video tutorials available. CCEnhancer can extend the cleaning capabilities of CCleaner.

Will CCleaner speed up the computer?

Many people believe that CCleaner is a maintenance tool that automatically improves the performance of their computers. Actually, CCleaner cleans your discs by deleting temporary files, or files that take up a lot of space. This frees up room on your hard disk, which can result in improved performance.

Features of CCleaner

  • Advanced Registry Cleaner
  • Automatic Updates
  • Cleans internet browser
  • Cleans unused files
  • Faster Computer
  • Privacy Protection
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Removes temp files
  • Intuitive UI and fast
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extremely easy to use

What’s New in CCleaner 5.80

  • Fixed a bug where files were not shown when viewing scan results by file type
  • Minor improvements to the Trial experience

What’s New in CCleaner 5.84

Improving your CCleaner experience

  • Smart Clean no longer prompts you to clean certain browsers if they are closed via an automated process (addresses some ‘ghost’ cleaning notifications)
  • We’ve made it even simpler to use Health Check in subsequent visits to CCleaner

Driver Updater

  • We’ve made it easier for you to know which drivers to revert if an update causes a problem
  • This new revert flow will also help us to understand where improvements to driver compatibility are most needed


  • The PC info section now detects Windows 11 correctly
  • An indicator in the app now tells you when your subscription is nearing expiry
  • Fixed some uncommon bugs in the license registration
  • Fixed some Chinese character display issues

What’s New in CCleaner 5.87

  • fixed a bug where cleaning and update notifications were interrupting fullscreen applications
  • Note: a notifications bug remains for users of Razor Cortex – we’re in contact with Razor and a fix is in progress
  • Made improvements to Smart Cleaning notifications to make them easier to understand
  • Updated some text in Health Check to reduce confusion
  • Fixed a bug where using a VPN connection would show certain parts of Health Check as ‘offline’
  • Fixed a bug in the icon menu that was hiding the ‘Exit’ button beneath the Taskbar

What’s New in CCleaner 5.89

Better driver updating

  • We’ve made some improvements to how Driver Updater searches for driver updates for you
  • We fixed an issue where the update counter on the Driver Updater icon was not updating correctly

Improved accessibility support

  • We’ve improved navigation the ‘upgrade’ screen if you use NVDA screen reader

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug in Health Check that was hiding the ‘Back to Overview’ button once you clicked on the icons for
  • ‘Privacy,’ ‘Space,’ and others for more detailed information
  • We fixed a bug where you might get asked for admin permissions to run CCleaner (even if you’ve already granted them)
  • We fixed a bug where a ccleaner.ini file gets created incorrectly

What’s New in CCleaner 5.90

  • Added new temp file cleaning for Chrome User Data
  • Added new temp file cleaning for various Windows system components
  • Added new temp file cleaning for Microsoft Photos app
  • Fixed a bug in cleaning for Windows Game Explorer

What’s New in CCleaner v5.91

Making CCleaner easy to use

  • We’ve created a new way to register a license key in the product (find it in ‘Options’ > ‘License Key’)
  • We’ve improved the design of the screen to make it simpler to register your CCleaner license key
  • You’ll now see a more helpful message if something goes wrong
  • Finally, we have an improved screen where you can review and manage your license

Keeping the app running smoothly

  • We addressed a bug that was causing the ‘Save to Text File’ action in the Uninstall tool to add unwanted whitespace, making it copy-paste-unfriendly for spreadsheets
  • CCleaner no longer crashes when importing cookies from a text file (‘Cookies to Keep’ right-click menu)

What’s New in CCleaner 6

  • Added a new Performance Optimizer feature
  • Scans for apps that run in the background
  • Allows you to sleep apps that aren’t needed, reducing system load
  • Keeps apps asleep while not in use
  • Wakes apps up safely when needed by you or another application
  • Contains a guide and FAQ section
  • We fixed some bugs found during our feature preview test phase
  • You can read more about this feature in our blog post

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