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Sublime Text Patched is a freeware text and source code editor available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Numerous programming languages and markup languages are natively supported. Users can extend its functionality by adding plugins and themes, which are often created and maintained under free software licenses by the community. Sublime Text is a powerful and easily extensible code editor. It supports multiple programming languages and is multilingual.

Key Features Of Sublime Text 4 Build 4175 :

  • Goto Anything can be used to open files with a few keystrokes.
  • Part of the file name can be typed to open it.
  • Make ten changes at once as opposed to one alteration ten times.
  • Strong Python API, allowing plugins to improve the built-in functionality.
  • Turn on split editing to get the most out of your widescreen display.
  • It reacts faster than anything else as each of its parts is made uniquely.
  • Using syntax definition data, Sublime Text automatically
  • There is functionality in the Command Palette that is not often used.
  • Key bindings, completions, macros, menus, snippets, and more
  • Projects in this program document every thing in the workspace.
  • Moreover, Linux, Windows, and Mac are supported.

What’s new in Sublime Text 4 Build 4175 :

GPU Illustration:

Sublime Text can now use your GPU to render the user interface on Linux, Mac, and Windows. This results in a smooth user experience at up to 8K resolutions while using less power than previously.

ARM64 Silicon Apple and Linux. Sublime Text for Mac now has native support for Apple Silicon CPUs. More Linux ARM64 binaries are available for devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Tab Numerous choices:

File tabs have been enhanced to make split views easier to use, with integrated commands and support for split views throughout the UI. With updates to the side bar, tab bar, Goto Anything, Goto Definition, auto complete, and other features, code navigation is now clear and simple as ever.


The auto complete engine has been fully overhauled to enable smart completions based on code that has already been written in a project. Links to definitions and details on the type of suggestion are also provided.

UPDATED User Interface:

The Adaptive and Default themes now have new tab styles and inactive pane darkening. Themes and color schemes support auto-dark-mode switching. The Adaptive theme now has customized title bars for Windows and Linux.

Support for typescript, TSX, and JSX:

Default support for one of the trendiest new programming languages is now available. Use all the sophisticated syntax-based Sublime Text features that the current JavaScript community has to offer.


The syntax highlighting engine has been significantly improved with additional features including handling non-deterministic grammars, multi-line constructs, lazy embeds, and syntactic inheritance. Memory use has dropped and load speeds are faster than before.


The Sublime Text API has been updated to Python 3.8 while preserving backwards compatibility with packages made for Sublime Text 3. Significant improvements have been made to the API, including new features that allow plugins like LSP to perform even better than before. Examine the most recent documentation to learn more.

System Requirements:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.
  • 2 GB of RAM is sufficient; 4 GB is recommended.
  • 200 MB or more of empty space on the hard drive
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