Folder Lock 7.9.0 Keygen Full Version Download

Folder Lock 7.9.0 Keygen Full Version Download


Folder Lock with Patch is a great product for a shared computer or system that can be accessed over a shared network. Files, folders, hard drives, external storage devices (such USB drives), and many more items can all be protected with Folder Lock. The protected files are not erased or wiped from their original location, even if they are hidden by children or other network users.

Folder Lock Licensed guards the system against malevolent cyberattacks and hackers. you can safeguard your password and stop unwanted eyes from accessing files, folders, and disks. Once a file has been encrypted, it will be stored in its previous location and accessible only through the software’s user interface.

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Folder Lock Key Features :

File Locks

  • Password and Locked By preventing access to the files, folders, discs, and programs, you may safeguard your data against unauthorized access and visibility.
  • File and folder locking in Windows Safe Mode is made possible via the filter driver and Windows kernel level locking.
  • With only one click, Folder Lock’s user-friendly design enables data security directly from the Context Menu.
  • Find out more details about this feature: How can I lock and password-protect files?

Encrypt Files

  • Folder Lock allows you to instantly secure your private files with military-grade 256-bit encryption.
  • Establish storage lockers that maintain the integrity of the security of your data by encrypting your important files.
  • Dynamically sized, encrypted lockers expand to accommodate your growing data storage requirements.
  • Further details are available here: How can I use folder lock to encrypt files and folders?

Protect USB/CD :

  • The Protect USB Drive function allows you to copy encrypted lockers to a USB drive and other external data storage media.
  • You can burn lockers onto a CD or DVD by converting your current lockers to be portable and executable using the protect CD/DVD option.
  • With the ability to securely encrypt email attachments, users can send critical information over the internet in a private and secret manner.

Make Wallets

  • Use the create Wallets function to store credit card and debit card information encrypted with 256-bit AES.
  • Organise your banking information by adding personalised card backgrounds, images, and templates to your digital wallets.
  • Protects your identity from online fraudsters and identity thieves by safely storing your banking and credit card information. Learn how to make, customise, and keep your digital wallets safe with folder lock.

Clean History

  • With Folder Lock, you can erase all evidence of your internet browsing activity by using the Clean History feature to erase your digital footprint. Any Windows PC can be used to clear temporary files, open and save directories, and retrieve clipboard data.
  • Utilise the Windows programme history cleaning option to erase the past of WordPad, MS Paint, and Media Player.
  • To maximise your online privacy, you can use folder lock to erase your Windows history and to conceal any online activity.
What’s new in  Folder Lock ?
  • Many bug fixes and updates.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 95, XP, 98 SE, 8.1, 98, Vista, 2000, 2003, and 7; Windows NT, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 13.
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