TeraCopy Pro 3.17 Final Full Patched


You can transfer and copy files faster and more safely with TeraCopy Pro than you could with a standard copy. It shows the files that were skipped throughout the copy process at the end of the file transfer. It computes the entire CRC check when it moves to speed up the synthesis of the source filename and destination. The smooth connection with Windows Explorer allows you to carry on working with files as usual. By removing superfluous files, the transmission time can be shortened. Errors discovered throughout the process are shown using it , and you may fix the problem by recopying only the files that are causing the problem.

Key Features of TeraCopy Pro:

  • Make quicker copies of your files. To expedite searches, TeraCopy makes use of a modified buffer. Transmission of files between two hard drives is accelerated by asynchronous copy.
  • After a pause, resume file transfer. At any time, you can pause the copy operation and click to continue it later to free up system resources.
  • The error has been fixed. If a copy mistake occurs, TeraCopy will try more than once, and in the worst case, it won’t stop the transfer altogether; instead, it will just skip the file.
  • List of interactive files. Using TeraCopy, you may examine the file transfer failure and troubleshoot only the file event.
  • TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer’s copy and transfer features, so you can carry on working with files as usual.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Move or duplicate to favored directories.
  • Select files that have the same extension or are located in the same folder.
  • Select the file and remove it from the queue copy.
  • Get free upgrades and first-class support.
  • Additional features will be introduced shortly.

What’s New in TeraCopy Pro?

  •  Upgraded reporting and checksum export features.
  • Implemented network recovery wait function during testing and verification.
  • Expanded maximum buffer capacity to 256 MB.
  • Resolved minor bugs and improved user interface design.

Systems Requirments:

  • OS in operation: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher Intel
  • RAM: A one gigabyte
  • 200 MB or more of available hard disc space
TeraCopy Pro 3.17 Final Full Patched